Why you should choose web&mobile monitoring with My Business Pulse?

Imagine a following situation, users are visiting your website, but instead of the main page they see “Error” or “Your request has timed out. Please try again later”. Well, if a loyal visitor may be ready to turn a blind eye to rare and short-term drops, new visitors most likely will leave and never come back. Bad enough, but it’s not the worst part. Let’s look at another problem that can appear. Your website experiences similar problems every day, even for a short period of time, like 10-15 minutes. The search engine’s ranking will be reduced first according to poor website performance. In that case it won’t be possible to reach your audience, because nobody will notice your site. As a result, it will affect badly on reputation and revenue.

Here in My Business Pulse we care about your always-on presence on the web. Ensure that your website is online and running with our web&mobile monitoring service.

How does monitoring with My Business Pulse work?

With our web&mobile monitoring you don’t need to track uptime by opening your browser to check if your site is working. It’ll be done by a system that will let you know if your site is going down. What more, in case of an outage, your website will be available and fully functional.

My Business Pulse provides monitoring for servers and applications:

  • Server monitoring is required to control the operating system, web server, and other application components.
  • Application monitoring controls the state of business indicators of the app itself, the number of page views, orders, the frequency of registrations etc.

Choose the monitoring type that will suit you best. With My Business Pulse user-friendly interface you will easily add your site and set custom intervals for its availability. In case of any problems you will be notified instantly via chosen channels including email, sms, telegram, rocket.chat etc. consequently allowing you to bring the website back up at the drop of a hat.

But still, why monitor with my Business Pulse? Because we believe in a holistic approach. Our innovate monitoring tools will regularly check entire website’s pages to work correctly, including API’s.

Ensure that your site is working smoothly with My Business Pulse web&mobile monitoring service, by starting your free 7-day trial now.