In today’s world, a developed IT infrastructure of your business is no longer a luxury, but rather a means of survival. You won’t find a truly successful company that does not have its own website, or at least a rented server. After all, it is necessary foundation of a stable development for each enterprise. But how to check, if the technical side of your online business is reliable? The answer is simple – to constantly monitor the servers and basic services.


In the context of online business, the main tool for online distribution and selling is your website. It is needed both for attracting customers (advertising) and for direct contact with them (selling goods or services). Therefore, it seems logical that the first step is to establish a site monitoring system to know if your digital access is working properly, how the main services are functioning, how often and why failures occur.

Unfortunately, most users sincerely believe that in order to check the status of the site, it is enough to enter the corresponding address in the search bar and press “Enter”.

The reaction usually looks like this:

  • The site opened – hurray, everything works.
  • It didn’t open – oops, we have a problem!

Sad to say, this approach is fundamentally wrong. Even if the web page is displaying, it doesn’t mean that the whole system is functioning smoothly.

There are at least 3 main parameters for monitoring a site, which in no case should be ignored:

1. Availability monitoring
Site owners know how important it is to check all the website components from time to time to see if a server or web opens and displays as it should. Availability monitoring is a great tool to look over a complete IT infrastructure.My Business Pulse Experts recommend checking the site availability at least every 1-2 hours.

2. Functional monitoring
In fact, this is a process of evaluating performance and availability of each application functions.  It verifies that the purpose of your web or application is fulfilled without any impairment.This is a key tool for monitoring online stores and other commercial infrastructures with complex functionality, like personal account, online payment form, etc.

3. Comprehensive monitoring
Comprehensive monitoring is a must, if the level of accessibility and smooth functioning of a web resource has become critical for the business. This tool allows checking several parameters of the web at once, with an interval of a couple of seconds, and sometimes even from different geographic points.


In general, monitoring services can be configured independently. Indeed, for this purpose many special programs have been created, including free ones. The thing is that type of monitoring is not effective, especially when you run a large company and cannot afford any mistakes.

That’s why we definitely recommend you to use help of My Business Pulse professionals, who know all monitoring tools from top to bottom and will help both detect on time and eliminate every possible problem.

You need professional monitoring service, if:

  • You own a website. Your financial success of the enterprise directly depends on the performance of the resource;
  • You own a web studio. In this case, professional monitoring will not only increase the efficiency of maintenance, but will also work for the company’s reputation;
  • If you are a system administrator, you must keep an eye on all the information about how the service is working;
  • If you are a SEO-optimizers. In this situation monitoring is needed for the timely detection of technical glitches, due to which the site may experience downtime and be out of search.

Still not sure if you need professional server monitoring? Let us dispel your doubts with a simple example! Calculate the cost of 1 day of downtime due to technical problems… How many clients you lost? How long it took to recover the system? Undoubtedly, preventing a problem is much easier and cheaper than solving it.

My Business Pulse professional team will support you on the way to success. Our web and app monitoring tools will help you to identify and overcome possible outages. Ensure that your website is both online and performing smoothly.